Graduate Training Program in Programming & Software Testing (QA)

Aman Group trains graduates of computer science/ IT degrees for specific projects involving software programming and testing, under the framework of its OffShore/NearShore Outsourcing program enabling local solutions for both Israeli and International organizations

Aman Group operates a screening and recruiting process of high level but inexperienced computer engineering graduates for programming and testing positions. Candidates are trained for using the required technology, based on the customer's specific needs.

Our solution enables a flexible work model (the ability to work off-shore from Aman Group's offices or at the customer's site, under his direct management), optimal suitability to the customer's requirements, low quitting rates and a quick turnout – suitable for both Israeli and international companies requiring parallel recruiting of five positions and more, at attractive costs.

This solution was originally devised so as to locally address the long term project needs of Israeli companies outsourcing their work to India, China and Eastern Europe.

Main advantages:
  •  Quality – all employees are college graduates in relevant professions, who undergo a strict screening process which includes a personal and professional interview, programming test, personality test and an interview with the customer
  •  Optimal suitability to the customer's specifications – all candidates undergo a training program that is built specifically to match the customer's requirements and candidates' intended role upon completion of the training. The training is carried out at leading colleges and professional schools in the country and includes a final practical project which practically trains candidates for their job
  •  Low quitting rates – using an employee fine/reward mechanism, we guarantee that candidates will not quit their jobs for the first two years of their work, and even afterwards quitting rates are negligible
  •  Flexible work model – either an Off-Shore work model from Aman Group's offices, or at the customer's site and under his direct management
  •  Quick return on investment – as all candidates have a high potential (screened via special tests), and receive focused training based on the customer's specific needs, they are able to provide real value within a very short period following commencement of their work on the project

Aman Group has nearly a decade of experience in screening, recruiting and training graduates in a wide range of IT technologies including, ABAP, Java, Informatica, Cobol MF, RPG, AS400, VB and QA as well as electrical and electronics engineers for hardware development and testing (Backend, Verification).

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