NearShore / OffShore Outsourcing Services

The IT outsourcing world is becoming increasingly more flexible, offering creative solutions to dynamic customers. Aman's Near Shore / OffShore outsourcing model – placement of employees near the customer's premises – provides customers with a number of proven advantages

Aman's NearShore / OffShore outsourcing model is especially suitable for maintenance and development projects having medium to long term schedules. The model's main advantages include low cost and releasing the organization's in-house team to carry out core tasks and develop the next generation of systems. The model also provides high operational flexibility, stability and maintenance.

By offering this model to our customers, Aman Group aims to achieve cost reduction and increased efficiency; a transition from an input model to an output one; improved quality of outputs, documentation and work methodologies, and more.

The model maximizes added value to the customer's business while merging technological solutions with business knowledge compatible with the customer's content world.

Aman Group's NearShore model offers significant advantages to organizations developing a product or new technology. The model allows organizations to make use of professional and efficient manpower, placed at specific sites and able to carry out complex projects based on the customer's specification. The business merits of our NearShore model are a direct result of the group's know-how and expertise, and the skills of its employees.

Main advantages:
  •  Cost reduction and increased efficiency
  •  Transition from an input to an output model
  •  Risk reduction
  •  Operational flexibility
  •  Management resources are directed to the organization's specific content worlds
  •  Improved quality of outputs
  •  Highly methodological work
  •  Standardization
  •  Consolidation

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