Organizational Data Quality and Data Cleansing

Data Quality is an asset to the organization and contributes to maximization of its business results and minimization of mistakes. If until now you have invested only in your information systems and BI tools but neglected data quality on the way – let us introduce you to Informatica's data quality and data cleansing tools

Organizational data is the heart of the organization and its way to understand and communicate with its customers. Data quality issues may occur due to compatibility problems between systems, erroneous data entry, and changes in business logic.

When the data is defines as "garbage", resources are wasted and we lose contact with our customers. This problem ultimately leads to making incorrect business decisions, implementing erroneous business processes, needless expenditure, deficient risk management processes and failing to meet regulatory requirements.

Aman Group's data quality operations are based on extensive experience and know-how in using the leading global software tool provided by Informatica - enabling swift debriefing and surfacing of data problems using a smart mechanism, while simply and efficiently repairing and cleansing any problematic data. Informatica's platform is an integrated collection of tools and capabilities allowing project teams to provide real-time high quality products.

Aman Group's data quality and data cleansing solutions – what do they include?

  •  A solution for business user / analyst – using Informatica's Data Quality Analyst tool, data quality is managed by the business user
  •  Data investigation – Informatica's Data Quality Analyst tool improves organizational data quality by allowing employees outside the IT team to independently generate business rules or to use a structured set of business rules
  •  Consulting, support and characterization services for data quality and data cleansing projects to a wide range of sectors and industries
  •  Establishment of organizational data quality centers for preserving existing knowledge and work methods
  •  Implementation of comprehensive data quality projects – from start to finish

Implementing Informatica's data quality and data cleansing solutions will provide customers with substantial reduction in costs, the ability to meet regulatory terms, proper decision making based on precise and reliable information, and reduction of the risk entailed in the business activity by reducing the number of errors.

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