Organizational Master Data Management (MDM)

The field of Organizational Master Data Management (MDM) is beginning to collect momentum in the corporate world, as more and more organizations find the need to organize their jungle of organizational data.

MDM deals with managing a unified data entity throughout the entire organization. The process combines methodology and technology to organize all business data entities forming the organization's most critical data assets, such as: customers, suppliers and products.

The solution is based on a unique tool provided by Informatica – exclusively represented in Israel by Aman Group.

In a world of data overloads and a range of internal and external organizational systems holding and managing the data, it is crucial to understand existing links between the data entities. The MDM allows the identification of data duplicities (created as a result of lack of data cleansing, data migration or systems merging following the company's acquisition) and provides a simple and convenient way to solve data conflicts. The MDM creates a unified central source of organizational data, aimed at continuous collection, accumulation, adjustment, unification, quality and security, followed by distribution of the data throughout the organization so as to ensure its consistency, control, maintenance and application.

The work process:
  •  Collection of the data into a single unified data base
  •  Cleansing the data so as to identify double entities and to unify all data sources
  •  Creation of a map of links between the various entities

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