Aman's User Experience Design Studio

Aman UI & Design studio provides solutions to suit our customers' diverse needs in the field of design in general and user experience in particular. Our advantage is in our unique combination of professional designers and ergonomics experts

Our main fields of expertise:
  •  Responsive Design – suited to a number of different platforms including PCs, tablets and mobile devices
  •  Natural Design (platform-compatible) – design that is exclusively suited to the specific Device, screen resolution and technology
  •  Design of complex web sites
  •  Data Visualizations (info-graphics)
  •  Design of marketing collateral

We design for the following main industries:
  •  Banking and finance, commercial applications, information centers
  •  Health and medical applications
  •  BI, data analysis, management tools
  •  Start-up companies from a wide range of content worlds
  •  Print
Good design is an important tool that gives products a huge advantage and added value. We act to achieve a unique integration between ergonomics experts and designers of the highest level, while assuring uncompromising professional quality.

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