Aman ERP Plus A unique ERP package tailored to meet your specific needs

While there are a number of well known international names in the world of integrated business management systems (ERP's), nowadays people tend to forget that a big name means big money and also that it doesn’t always suit local needs. For this reason we are proud to introduce Aman's solutions for a unique ERP package that is tailored to the specific needs of your organization

Aman ERP Plus – Aman Group's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system – is a unique organizational platform incorporating a range of modular solutions which support a large number of organizational, operational and managerial work processes.

The system provides solutions for financial and logistic planning of organizational resources, while implementing a web-based infrastructure. Computerizing internal and external organizational process, it improves business decision-making by producing comprehensive reports that enable the organization to conduct real time, in-depth analyses of its financial, marketing and logistic activities.

Aman's ERP Plus system facilitates the operation of extensive business management processes including production of price offers for the organization's products while separating each stage and internal process involved in the creation of the product/service; producing orders and invoices for the various suppliers connected to the process; and full logistic planning, from creating the order in the company's product warehouse, to its safe delivery to the customer.

Today over 350 customers in a wide range of sectors enjoy Aman's ERP solutions as well as its support center – employing over 75 professional service providers.


The system covers three content worlds: (1) Accounting and financial management; (2) Logistics; and (3) Managerial information. These content worlds provide advanced solutions in the fields of accounting, customer management (debtors), suppliers (creditors), cash fund management, banks reconciliations, cash flow, marketing and sales, price offers, bills of materials, software-integrated spreadsheets, graphical interface, extended reports generator, multiple languages and currencies, and more.


The system was developed within a web-based windows environment and is operative in a wide range of platforms including Linux, NT-Server and AS400. It can be installed at the customer's site or at Aman Group's premises under a hosting model / service bureau.