Design of Data Centers

The Data Center is the core of the IT system and as such must be designed to specifically and precisely meet customers' needs and operational methods. This type of design is not limited to computerized components only, but extends to issues of cabling, electricity, air-conditioning and more

The organizational Data Center incorporates all data communication infrastructures including telephony solutions, internet, servers, data transport, storage, backup and many other essential organizational components. In today's competitive business world, shutdown of the organization's data center results in loss of reputation, profits, and service capabilities.

Aman Group's engineering division provides consulting, design and supervision services towards the establishment of organizational Data Centers, based on the customer's specific needs and operational methods. Our services cover the entire range of disciplines required for establishing a data center, with an emphasis of system survivability concerns as well as redundancy issues relating to the organization's energy and computer systems.

Our main areas of specialization:
  •  Planning, design, establishment, supervision and maintenance of data centers while integrating infrastructure technologies and designated solutions tailored to meet specific needs and facility types
  •  Definition of security risks, BCP/DRP, while providing recommendations for improving performance and reducing costs
  •  Design of "mission critical" facilities based on leading global standards and definition of required standardization
When embarking on this type of project, we begin by working with the customer to form an operational method, followed by defining the facility's goals and purposes, conducting a comprehensive survey of existing systems and facilities, and implementing the customer's IT strategy in terms of planned growth and integration of new systems. Finally, the data center's planning and design principles are defined and developed, followed by detailed design, implementation and support.

Aman Group's ArtNET experts have characterized and established most of the largest data centers in the country, as well as for many Israeli companies operating abroad. The company's engineers implement advanced cabling infrastructure technologies, including a unique form of optic cabling. They also often assist manufacturers in characterizing and developing cables and advanced systems to suit customer's specific needs.

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